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What type of patient desires breast augmentation?

A variety of patients desire breast augmentation. They include young females who wish to augment their natural size to mothers who have lost their breast volume after childbearing.

Where are the incisions for a breast augmentation?

Several different incisions can be used to insert a breast implant for augmentation. They each have advantages and disadvantages. The right choice of incision for you will be determined at your pre-operative consultation. The most common approaches are mentioned below.

The infra-mammary incision fold (IMF) incision is located in the crease beneath the breast. It allows excellent access to the breast and the pocket to be created for implant insertion. The incision is well concealed in the crease. The trans-axillary approach involves an incision in the hair bearing armpit. Endoscopic equipment (small camera) allows the surgeon to visualize the implant pocket during its dissection. The incision can be well concealed in the armpit. The peri-areolar approach involves an incision along the edge of the colored skin around the nipple. Dr. Rios does not offer breast augmentation through the belly button. The use of silicone gel implants may limit the choice of incisions for some patients. The silicone gel implants come pre-filled with the desired volume. It is recommended that implant trauma be minimized in order to decrease the chances of implant rupture, and this therefore requires a larger incision.

What is the recovery time?

Dr. Rios performs breast augmentation under direct vision without any blunt dissection, utilizing the technique he was taught by one of his mentors. This minimizes tissue trauma and recovery time.

Most patients are back to their daily activities in 1 to 3 days. More strenuous exercise and weight lifting can be resumed after 3 to 4 weeks.

What about post-operative pain?

This is one of the most common questions we get from women in Naperville, Joliet, Frankfort, Oakbrook and Aurora considering breast augmentation. Many patients have friends or acquaintances that have had considerable pain after a breast augmentation. We are often asked about prescription pain relievers and pain pumps.

You will not get a prescription for pain medication or have a pain pump placed. It's not that we don't want you to have them, we have just found them unnecessary when we use a rapid recovery technique. We recently surveyed our breast augmentation patients of the last two and a half years, and they have all done well with the post-operative regimen we provide. Many non-believers are converted once they go through the process.

Will I have drains after the surgery?

No. The precise pocket dissection and minimal trauma technique used by Dr. Rios makes drains unnecessary.

Will I be wearing a special bra after the surgery?


Can I choose any size implant I desire?

There are a number of ways that patients and surgeons select the ultimate size of the implant to be used. Implant selection in Dr. Rios' office is a team decision made by you and him. First he listens to what your goals are. Then Dr. Rios uses a system based on an individual patient's tissue characteristics which helps guide implant selection. This method relies on several measurements of a patient's soft tissues in order to determine the implant size. The goal is to find the optimal implant for each patient and minimize their need for future breast surgery related to the implant.

Are there different shapes of implants?

Yes. Generally speaking implants come in 2 shapes, round and anatomic.

Round implants come in different "profiles" (heights) which are selected depending on each individual patient's breast tissue characteristics.

The anatomic implants are also known as "shaped" or "tear-drop." These implants maintain their anatomic shape regardless of the position of the patient (lying down or standing). This results in a sustained full appearance in the upper half of the breast.

The shape of implant used for you will depend on your breast tissue characteristics and your discussions with Dr. Rios.

Do the implants contain silicone?

Silicone comes in forms ranging from hard shells to liquids. All implant shells are composed of silicone. Saline implants have a silicone shell and salt water filling. "Silicone" implants have a silicone shell with silicone gel filling.

Can I have gel implants?

Silicone gel implants are available for women who are at least 22 years of age and complete a thorough informed consent process. Dr. Rios' office will guide you step by step.

Will my breasts always look the way they do right after the augmentation?

There will be some swelling of the breast and surrounding tissues for the first few days after the surgery. The implants often "settle" into their pockets after a couple of weeks. These factors may contribute to some changes in the appearance of your augmentation for the first few post-operative weeks.

Will the implants last forever?

As is the case with just about any made device, breast implants can fail. This failure most commonly is in the form of a deflation. If an implant fails, whether saline or silicone, the recommendation is that it be removed/exchanged.

Will breast implants interfere with the detection of breast cancer?

Implants, whether placed in front or beneath the muscle, can interfere with the sensitivity of mammography. Studies available do not show that women with implants have cancers detected at a later stage or that they have more aggressive cancer types. Some studies even show the cancers being detected at earlier stages. This is likely due to the increased awareness and education of patients with breast implants.

Do the implants increase my risk of developing cancer?


Do the implants cause other diseases?

There is no scientific evidence that breast implants cause any diseases. Several studies have found no correlation between breast implants and connective tissue/rheumatoid diseases.

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Even though you have looked through our breast augmentation FAQ, the pre-surgery breast enlargement consultations are all-important. When it comes to plastic surgeons, we recognize you have a choice. Dr. Rios takes time to understand your hopes and concerns and to ensure you have all the information you need to make good decisions about your procedure. Why not schedule your first meeting with him today? Send us an email or schedule your consultation at one of our offices.


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