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Preparing for Mohs Surgery: A Timeline

As a dermatologist in the Naperville, IL area, I see first-hand the importance of taking care of your skin. Every single one of us is at risk for skin cancer at some point in life, which is why I encourage all patients to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day and limit exposure to the sun as much as possible. Even in the winter, it’s best to protect yourself from direct sunlight in the middle of the day. Still, despite our best efforts, skin cancer can develop in a gradual, pernicious way. The good news is that once it emerges, we … Continue reading

Will Health Insurance Cover Mohs Surgery?

Skin cancer treatment often comes with some anxieties for patients. They often want to know about the cost of Mohs surgery and wonder whether health insurance policies will cover it. Many of the patients we serve from Naperville and other suburbs aren’t sure if dermatology procedures are considered cosmetic in the eyes of insurance companies. Overall, Mohs surgery is a very effective medical treatment for basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers, and it also provides results that are more cosmetically pleasing than other skin cancer treatments. When performed by a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, the technique’s success rate is between … Continue reading

Our Winter 2016 Newsletter

‘Tis the season for gift giving, holiday meals, and family get-togethers. Before the hustle and bustle really begins, we want to take a moment to reflect on 2016 and extend our warmest wishes to you and yours. From all of us at Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Associates, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to educate, to treat, and to help you achieve healthy and beautiful skin at all 4 of our locations: Lombard, Joliet, Bourbonnais, and Frankfort.  2016 has been an incredible year and we can only imagine what 2017 will bring. Have a beautiful and joyous holiday! Rarely does … Continue reading

I’ve Noticed an Abnormal Spot. Now What?

Carefully scanning your body for skin abnormalities on a regular basis goes a long way toward catching potentially cancerous growths at an early stage. And as any of our dermatologists in the Naperville, Illinois area will tell you, an annual skin cancer screening is essential. Preventive measures are great, but what happens if you do see something that seems unusual or abnormal? First, understand that there are different types of skin lesions, ranging from harmless skin tags to different types of cancerous growths. Even among skin cancer cases, the most serious form of skin cancer — melanoma — represents only … Continue reading

Your First Skin Cancer Screening: What to Expect

Every adult should have at least a baseline skin check by age 30, but only a fraction of people do. For some, it may be that they simply don’t even realize they should. Others may be avoiding it out of a fear of the unknown. Regardless, we encourage everyone to make time for it: After all, the skin is our largest organ. Here’s what typically happens during a dermatologist skin check here in our Joliet, Illinois-based practice. First, there are no necessary preparations you need to make prior to a skin cancer screening. If you’ve recently noticed any new moles … Continue reading


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