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Your First Skin Cancer Screening: What to Expect

Every adult should have at least a baseline skin check by age 30, but only a fraction of people do. For some, it may be that they simply don’t even realize they should. Others may be avoiding it out of a fear of the unknown. Regardless, we encourage everyone to make time for it: After all, the skin is our largest organ. Here’s what typically happens during a dermatologist skin check here in our Joliet, Illinois-based practice. First, there are no necessary preparations you need to make prior to a skin cancer screening. If you’ve recently noticed any new moles … Continue reading

More About Mohs Surgery

Skin cancer remains the among most treatable (and the most common) types of cancer, but that doesn’t make hearing a diagnosis any less scary. Many skin cancer patients are relieved when they learn that they’re eligible for Mohs surgery — a safe and effective option for treating and even curing the most common forms of skin cancer. If you’re researching options from Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Associates and other Naperville dermatology practices, you probably have plenty of questions about Mohs surgery. What is Mohs surgery? Named for the surgeon who pioneered the technique in 1938, Mohs surgery gradually removes the … Continue reading

Our Summer 2016 Newsletter

Save Time & Money With Summer Beauty We’re big believers in low-maintenance beauty for summer. Besides, you have more important things to focus on (tropical vacations, backyard barbecues, days by the pool – just to name a few). The best way to keep things low-key is with the help of skin care treatments that will keep you looking summer-ready without much effort at all. Right now, our Naperville-area staff is loving microdermabrasion. In just 15 minutes at Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Associates, you’ll achieve a brighter complexion by minimizing the appearance of sun damage, age spots, and acne scars. Another … Continue reading

True or False: KYBELLA®

KYBELLA has taken the nonsurgical cosmetic market by storm, and patients are coming to our med spa locations from Naperville, Bourbonnais, and other Illinois cities seeking this breakthrough fat-dissolving treatment. Intended for use beneath the chin, KYBELLA contains an active ingredient that safely breaks down fat. The result is a smoother, more defined profile and a face that looks great in selfies. But as with any new product, there are plenty of myths about KYBELLA, and we’re going to help you get to the bottom of some of the most common misconceptions. True or false: KYBELLA is expensive. False. The … Continue reading

Skin Cancer Prevention: A Guy’s Guide

Although skin cancer doesn’t discriminate between men and women, it’s a hard truth that men simply aren’t as proactive about detecting and treating the disease as their female counterparts. For every male dermatology patient I see here in Lombard, Illinois, I know that there are at least 5 who should see a doctor but haven’t. According to a recent survey created jointly by The Skin Cancer Foundation and a major sunscreen manufacturer, 70 percent of men admitted to not knowing the warning signs of skin cancer. Sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, in 2012, twice as many men than women died … Continue reading


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