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The Chemical Peel Process, As Told by a Plastic Surgeon

If you aren’t following along with our practice Twitter feed, you’re missing out! A few weeks ago, I decided to receive a chemical peel treatment and document the entire process on Twitter. After all, as a plastic surgeon serving patients here in Joliet, Lombard, and the surrounding area, I think it’s important to know everything I can about the treatments I provide. My lucky fans got to follow along from the first day all the way through the peeling process to my final glowing result. Now, having gone through it myself, I’ve got some personal insights to share. So here’s … Continue reading

After-Summer Skin Care: How to Adjust Your Routine

Fall in the Midwest is beautiful. Days get shorter, shadows lengthen, and summer’s humidity gives way to crisp afternoons. The fall weather also calls for adjusting your skin care routine as the air becomes drier and wind whips up. As a dermatologist serving patients from Naperville, Lombard, and the surrounding areas, I know firsthand what the Illinois weather can do to skin. That’s why I suggest scheduling a seasonal visit with your skin care specialist to establish a plan customized for your needs. In addition, here are some important tips to keep in mind that will help keep your skin … Continue reading

Our Special Approach to Breast Augmentation Recovery

I typically believe in the adage, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” In fact, that’s how I felt when I was first taught how to perform the “rapid recovery” surgical technique for breast augmentation. But, as our patients from Naperville to Lombard to Joliet can attest, you can get breast implants and be back at work in a couple of days. I’ve performed several hundred breast augmentation surgeries since 2003, and the specialized surgical techniques I’ve used in each of those procedures are designed to limit postoperative discomfort and downtime. My approach reduces injury to … Continue reading

How to Layer Your Skin Care Products

When it comes to skin care, it seems like a new product hits the drugstore or the cosmetics counter every week. It’s fun to try new products once in a while, but fitting them into your existing regimen isn’t always simple. My Lombard and Naperville-area dermatology patients often ask me what the most effective protocol is when it comes to using these products. My preferred regimen is as follows: Cleanser: Gently cleansing your skin is typically necessary only once daily, usually after exercise or before bed. Be sure to use a non-soap cleanser that’s formulated just for the face, and … Continue reading

Breast Augmentation Incisions & Your Best Option

My patients undergoing breast augmentation with implants in Lombard, and at our other Chicago-area locations, often say they feel overwhelmed by the huge number of choices available to them. Not to worry. I believe more choices generally lead to better outcomes, and I’m pleased to help patients navigate their surgical options to find customized solutions. One decision patients typically have a lot of questions about is that of incision type and location. Some women automatically assume that a smaller incision is best, but that’s not always the case. In this post, I want to take the time to break down … Continue reading


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