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As Cosmetic Trends Develop, Value of Qualified Physician Grows, Doctors Say

The specialists at Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Associates, SC, serving Naperville, say the safe use of new cosmetic treatments and products depends on the refined judgment of physicians with years of experience and training.

Joliet, Illinois (February 2014) — Having years of experience and training is becoming increasingly of value for physicians as new trends come on the cosmetic enhancement scene, according to the specialists at Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Associates, SC (www.dpsamed.com). At their Naperville-area practice, they say, they use all their resources to decide whether an innovation is actually safe and effective and to use it properly.

Dr. Jose Rios says, "We are constantly learning new techniques and treatments that will enhance the quality of care a patient receives. Some of them are amazing advances that provide beautiful results in a safe way. But some of them aren't."

Sometimes new treatment options get picked up in the media or are heavily advertised with impressive claims or bargain prices, he says, and this seems to have been all the more true in recent years as new procedures have ridden a wave of non-invasive treatment popularity.

"It's true that there have been some wonderful innovations in non-surgical services such as injectables and lasers in recent years," says Dr. Paula Lapinski, a dermatologist at the Naperville-area practice. "There have also been some treatments that don't provide the results patients are promised, though, and it takes a board-certified professional to weed out the bad from the good."

Once professionals find that a treatment is effective and safe, Dr. Rios says, they still need to determine how best to use it.

"It is important that as these new advancements continue to surface, physicians continue training in their fields," says Dr. Rios, who provides breast augmentation services for patients from Naperville, Joliet, and beyond. "Those who are best prepared to handle new technology are those who have experience with what came before it and who have trained properly. At our practice, for example, we have multiple physicians who have vast knowledge of the body and how it might be affected by a new procedure. We also make sure we are fully trained and practiced on that procedure before we provide it to patients."

Seeing a qualified specialist helps women and men attain the best cosmetic result, Dr. Lapinski says. Although most doctors could legally perform a new procedure for laser hair removal, for instance, having the treatment performed by someone who has years of experience in the field will result in a better cosmetic outcome.

"It is important that patients actively request the most qualified providers," she says. "Patients can ensure they are meeting with the right plastic surgeon or dermatologist by asking a lot of questions during the consultation. When patients ask about my training, I am more than happy to give them all the information they need."

In general, asking a cosmetic physician about his or her certifications is a good starting place for those looking to ensure that they get only new treatments that have been thoroughly vetted, both doctors say. By seeking out board-certified medical professionals, patients increase the likelihood that they will love their cosmetic results.

Talk to Dr. Rios or Dr. Lapinski about what new trends in cosmetic enhancement could benefit you. Click here for your consultation.

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