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Breast Augmentation Before & After Pictures of Patient 56

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Case Number: 56

The before and after pictures below depict ACTUAL PATIENTS.
Your results may vary.

Breast Augmentation Before Photo | Joliet, IL | Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Associates   Breast Augmentation After Photo | Joliet, IL | Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Associates
Before   After Breast Augmentation

This 42-year-old woman was concerned about the appearance of her breasts. Over the years, they had become deflated and were completely out-of-proportion with her frame. Wanting her breasts to look natural and full, she decided to research breast enlargement in Naperville, Illinois to see what her options for breast implants were. She decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rios to learn more about what implants could do to improve the look of her breasts.

During her consultation, she explained to Dr. Rios that she wanted her breasts to be much fuller and wanted them to have a more feminine contour. After examining her breasts and discussing her concerns, Dr. Rios suggested that she have 400 cc silicone implants placed to give her the look and feel she wanted. Silicone implants would give her a natural-feeling breast and Dr. Rios would be able to hide the incisions so her scars would be barely visible once they healed.

Once Dr. Rios completed her operation, she was given time to recover before coming back for her postoperative appointment. As her "after" photos show, the look of her breasts has been greatly improved; her breasts are now fuller and rounder but still look very natural, showing no signs of surgery. She was thrilled with the results and would recommend her plastic surgeon in Chicago to other women considering breast enhancement.

Surgeon: Jose L. Rios
Patient Age: 42
Height: 5'7"
Implant Size Left: 400 cc
Implant Size Right: 400 cc
Implant Contents: Liquid Silicone Implants


After Breast Augmentation

Case 56


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